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- The Velvet Underground

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lauren Shelburne: Headshots!

This past weekend I had the joy of getting to know Miss Lauren Shelburne. This super cute, talented musician is only 15 years old if you can believe it! When we were discussing the look she wanted to go for prior to the shoot, we agreed that an Urban L.A. look was best. So we met at a local Taco Bell, walked down the back ally and arrived at a large mural of a rabbit. "Let's shoot here!" I said.
Luckily, both Lauren and her Mom trusted me enough to not think I was crazy for dragging them here! :) Turns out we were behind Clandestine Rabbit Tattoo Studio, and the owners were kind enough to let us use their artwork as our backdrop.
After that, we headed futher down the ally to find a stack of tires, and an old yellow Mustang.
Pretty much put the perfect finishing touches onto an already awesome shoot. :)


AmethystHope said...

the black and white one on the side of the mustang is defs my fave. such good album art! nicely done meg and so awesome lauren!!!!

Trish said...

Meghan you are absolutely amazing. These shots are beautiful and you, my friend, are a ture artist.

Lauren Shelburne said...

Thank you so much! :D Love the article and photos :) thanks for the link to my fan page and im 15 btw haha :)