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"I find it hard to believe you don't know the beauty you are, but if you don't, let me be your eyes."
- The Velvet Underground

Friday, July 16, 2010

Heather & Adam

A couple weeks ago I attended a family reunion....and you know I can't resist picking up my camera when there is cool scenery and people around! My sister-in-law Heather, brother-in-law Adam, and I snuck away for a bit to get some shots just for fun. I really love the way they turned out, so leave them some love! ♥ Hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Milligan Baby Bump!

Seeing as I adore Haley, and I am so excited that she is pregnant....I was thrilled to be able to get some shots of her! I know without a doubt that her and her husband Freddie will be wonderful parents. Thank you Lord, for giving them this precious gift! I don't need to say much more because the pictures speak for themselves....Haley is so beautiful, I had a hard time narrowing the pictures down! ...Check back soon for newborn pictures as we welcome Baby Bo into the world!