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- The Velvet Underground

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Enyarts!

I had the BEST time shooting the Enyarts at Paramount Ranch! Not only are they good friends, but they are such amazing examples of a Godly family, full of fun and laughter! The girls, Indiana & Brooklyn, were champs through the whole hour & a half session, but when they did get tired, it allowed me get shots of just Joel and Christy alone, which I love too! :) Enjoy these precious moments captured of this wonderful family!


Christy said...

Meghan! Thank you so much for these priceless pictures! You captured our family so beautifully and we had such a great time with you. You are a VERY gifted photographer!

Steve Enyart said...

Yeah! Poppy and Nanny agree. What wonderful pics!!! (Must be what you get mixing a great photographer and super subjects!)

Pam said...

Meghan, these were so precious. My favorites were the little girl trying to open the door and the one of the mom sitting on the porch (both close up and far away). the second picture of the other little girl was really good too! Hard to choose a favorite. The parents must be very pleased!

Meghan Christine said...

Thanks all! It was MY pleasure! :)