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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Save the Tatas: Premium Tees! - Los Angeles Lifestyle Photographer

Back in November 2010, Julia Fikse, founder of Save the Tatas, asked me to shoot some of their Premium Tees, coming out this month. Needless to say, I have been waiting to post these images for 7 months! :)

We had a great team, including beautiful model Chloe Clifford, and talented makeup artist Melissa Murdick.

"The Save the Ta-tas Foundation is committed to fighting cancer at every stage—including education, prevention, research, community outreach, and emotional support for those struggling with the disease. Our first year goal is to donate no less than .90 cents per dollar to support new gene research through a partnership with The Concern Foundation. Innovative and new, our organization is determined, like its founder ta-tas®Brand Clothing, to end this devastating disease, with a smile of course! Laughter heals, save the ta-tas!"

Here is an AD that one of the images was used in, designed by the skilled Nate Lubeck!

To learn more about the Save the Tatas Foundation and what they do, visit:


To buy some awesome Tatas clothing or gear, visit:


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