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- The Velvet Underground

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Malvie & Reuben: Sebastian Leon is on the way!

Somehow, I am always blessed with getting to photograph beautiful Mommies-to-Be, and Malvie was no exception! I met her and her husband, Reuben, on Sunday at the Griffith Park Travel Town. You may notice that I like to shoot in places that give a variety of backgrounds, and the Travel Town provides just that! We started inside an old train to get the awesome window lighting and shadows, and headed to an open field just outside the Museum after that. Malvie and Reuben are my favorite kind of clients cause they were really up for anything! Even though being inside the train was extremely hot, they didn't complain and did anything I asked :) I think this made for some great images. And little Sebastian... I look forward to meeting you in a few months! :)

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